Tribute to my Dad

...who art in Bowie, Joseph is his name...OK, let me back up. Perhaps there's another approach.

We wanted to take a moment to share a few thoughts about Dad. With Tricia's Dad now in heaven, we share my Father, Joseph Anthony Kaye as our only earthly Dad (he treats Tricia like his own). Dad will be 65 next month.
His life started with the odds stacked against him...he was abandoned and adopted. He did not grow up in a Christian home--or a healthy one for that matter. Since many of you did not know my Dad in his wild days (before Jesus), you would be shocked to hear some of his stories. By God's grace my Dad went from growing drugs in our back yard to growing five kids who fear God and love Jesus.
My father is a rare gem. Here are some of the traits that we love about Dad:
  • Gentle
  • Caring
  • Consistent
  • Warm
  • Welcoming
  • Never demands the attention or glory--always deflects it to the Lord.
  • Loves the Bible! Always has since he was saved 30 years ago.
  • Loves the Lord! And it shows.
  • Loves people! If you ever catch my Father talking bad about someone, I'll pay your bills for the month (not). Seriously, I love how he always looks for the best in people, not the worst. Recently, I asked Dad how he manages to do that and he said this: 1) He knows how bad it hurts to be mistreated and does not ever want to do it to others and 2) One day we will be judged for EVERY word we speak. Powerful.
Tricia, myself and all of my siblings feel totally blessed to have a Dad like ours. We love you, Dad! Happy Father's Day.
PS- Dad, they say that I look and act like you more and more each day! I just want you to know that I consider that one of the greatest compliments in the world. Even if I do lose all my hair. I love you!