Types of Authority

I have plenty of blogs running in my head, but no time to crank them out these days. Here is one...that I would love to develop later with Biblical backing and other research.  But as for now, here are some initial thoughts to begin development. I am coming to think that there are 4 different types of authority that people can walk in:

  1. Natural Authority. This is when a person just carries themselves naturally in a way that people honor them and look to them. They are respect and trust earners. Person does not even need to be a person of faith. They just carry authority in how they speak, influence and interact with people. Think Grandpa or that teacher you had that everyone looked to. Natural authority is hard to quantify and describe. You either have it or you don't. And you almost always know it when it's there. 
  2. Physical Authority. Authority can be earned by something as simple as how one carries themselves. Their walk, their dress, their tone, the expressions, their voice, their height. While it is similar to natural authority, there is slight difference. This authority may not come natural on the inside, but it projects naturally from the outside.  
  3. Positional Authority. This is when a person walks in the authority of the position they carry. They may be the boss or the principal or the Pastor or the manager. They carry the title. So, with it, they carry some level of authority. Though, limited when it is the only type of authority they walk in. 
  4. Spiritual Authority. This is a very special and powerful type of authority. It comes from anointing of the spirit. It comes from Jesus...from time with Jesus. Spiritual authority is earned in the secret when you make war with the enemy and press into the heart of the Lord. There is an overflow of confidence from that intimacy that is like no other type of influencing currency you can ever attain. 
A few more thoughts:
  • Authority is not the goal. Influence is. Particularly influence for the sake of the Kingdom. Getting people to Jesus is the goal.
  • It is very rare for one person to have 3 or all 4 of the above types of authority. But, when they do, there is major potential for impact at a large scale.
  • People with positional authority and without natural or spiritual authority have very little influence. More often than not, they are a lame duck and the joke is on them.
  • If you want to long for any of these, go after spiritual authority. Get closer and closer to Jesus so you can used gained authority in the spirit to influence people into Jesus.
  • If you do not already carry natural authority, you probably won't get it by trying. Just relax and be you. Not everyone is called to lead in authority.
  • I have found the following to be true as the stars in the sky: the most powerful authority to walk in is the kind that comes from the Lord (natural and spiritual) so be cautious against longing for position. It can actually decrease your authority. I have seen it happen in my own life...even as recent as the last six months.