Update on Today

I have received a number of texts and emails from caring friends inquiring about how today went. Here is a brief update:

  • Drinking 4 liters of the DISGUSTING slimy crap solution was terrible!
  • I could have set up an office in the bathroom last night and this morning. Is that TMI?
  • But, the procedure was a breeze. I got knocked out and took an awesome nap while the doc did his thing.
  • Woke up feeling violated. ;-)
  • They did find a Polyp. They removed it and it will be tested for cancer. I will know more in 7-10 days. They seemed to think that it will not be cancerous.
  • Otherwise, all is well!
  • I am tired, will turn in early and wake up good as new tomorrow.

Thanks for your love, care and prayer.