We Dream...

At the end of my Momentum Video Message in April, I shared 20 statements of vision for CCF. "I dream" statements. They have been developing in my heart over the last 4 years. They are a fuller and more specific explanation of my heart for our future. In the spirit of keeping the vision in front of us, I wanted to share them with you today. I intentionally waited 2 months to post this. Will you continue to pray with us and labor with us toward this vision? I feel it is more appropriate to write these as "we dream" statements. These are the heart of our staff and leaders at CCF!

  1. We dream of a haven where hurting broken and confused people come and find healing and hope for their lives and relationships.
  2. We dream of a place where people covered in guilt come and are bathed in forgiveness.
  3. We dream of a community where authentic love and relationship is felt through the entire church experience and throughout the entire week.
  4. We dream of Weekly worship services that are anointed with the presence of the Holy Spirit and guiding people to new places with Jesus.
  5. We envision expressions of worship among us as various as our names!
  6. We dream of realizing ways that we can embrace the foundations of our faith tradition and begin bringing hope, peace and reconciliation to the hurting people of PG County and beyond.
  7. We dream of seeing children discipled and trained to know that God wants a life with them!
  8. We see youth coming out of our children’s ministry and local schools to enter into a discipleship journey that prepares them for colleges, careers, and a life with Jesus!
  9. We dream of continuing growth in numbers and discipleship!
  10. We see tens of thousands of people being impacted by the ministry of Capital Christian Fellowship every week!
  11. We dream of the day when our Worship Center and building are way too small to accommodate us!
  12. We dream of purchasing and zoning together several more pieces of adjoining property around us, building on this building or building new ones on our lot to accommodate what God is doing. We see us needing 25-40 acres to do what God is calling us to do!!!
  13. We see CCF becoming a powerful force of love, peace and discipleship in the MD suburbs of the DC AREA!
  14. We dream of this being the place in which an uncountable amount of people discover or rediscover Jesus Christ as their savior and friend
  15. We dream of Small Groups meeting inside and outside of our church walls…from coffee houses, to restaurants, to chat rooms, to living rooms, to class rooms to board rooms, to parks….We dream of these small groups being the primary means of discipling people! These groups will be life-giving and life-changing and people connect more intimately to each other and to God than they ever have before!
  16. We dream of becoming a church where every person that attends large group worship services also attends a small group and partners with us in ministry for the goal of accomplishing our purpose as a church!
  17. We dream of us opening up many more locations of CCF stateside (multi-siting) and planting new congregations overseas! We will be one church with many locations and a one purpose.
  18. We dream of a church that breathes missions! We will fund, pray, go and send...reaching thousands of people all over the world!
  19. We dream of maintaining our uniqueness and diversity as we gather as a church where all people belong! We dream of being the most culturally, denominationally, economically and generationally diverse church in the state of Maryland.
  20. We dream of the day when we can see many realizations of our purpose being lived out…where at every turn we see people Loving God, Loving People and Living as Disciples!