Weekend Highlights

A few random weekend highlights....and a great one it was!

  • We announced on Sunday morning that we found our new Youth Pastor!  Mike Rosado will begin employment at CCF on Monday, March 2nd.  So much to share about Mike.  Passionate, gifted and called!  He will be the cover article of our March Capital that comes out this Sunday.  This feels like a "God Fit". Wait and see.
  • I am writing right now from an office at the River of Life Church in Cherry Hill, NJ.  We traveled up here last night to attend a service of release for Pastor Mike.  It was cool...a torch passing of sorts.
  • Weekend of ministry at the church was great.  Keenagers Bowling on Friday, Services on Sunday were special and I hear that the prayer last night was rich!  I am so glad this prayer event is happening.
  • A word of rejoicing about yesterday...the response of people after the services indicated that they were engaged and impacted.  It seems as though we are succeeding at our goal of becoming more transparent in communication.  Remember, good communication leads to strong community!!! 
  • I am very excited today about the good things that God is going to do at CCF!  Something is in the air.
In closing...I HATE DRIVING IN NEW JERSEY!!!!  You cannot make a left anywhere...and if I get confused by one more roundabout I am going to.......