Weekend Report

A few things about this weekend:

  • Back safe from the wedding. Arrived home at 3am Sunday. Great trip. All went very well. Melyssa is officially married and planned a lovely wedding.
  • Yesterday afternoon, I took a coma! (it was more than just a nap, smile)
  • Pastor Mike preached his first sermon at CCF yesterday and did a fabulous job. Get the CD or listen on the web if you missed it.
  • Over the last few weeks, I feel like we have been observing "Extreme Makeover: Worship Team Edition". The Worship Team is configuring themselves on the stage in new ways, gelling together and playing with renewed excellence. I am super proud of them and excited about where they are headed as a team! Man, yesterday, they even had new curtains and lights and mics....good stuff. Go Caleb, Karen, Pastor Mike and Team!
  • Recently, I have almost felt guilty...because I have felt much more freed up to "only do what only I can do" than I have ever felt before. Lots going on, but it needs less and less of me to make it happen. Scary and great all at the same time! It's what I call GOOD STAFF!!
  • Example: Pastor Nelson has assembled just under 30 people to run International Sunday Meal and Celebration. I know nothing and have done nothing, but it will happen with great thought and excellence. He has it organized and full of member involvement! I love it!
  • Speaking of which...who are you BRINGING to International Sunday this weekend?