Weight Loss for Missions!!

Ok, here we go. This should be fun. Tonight, I am announcing a weight loss campaign that I am launching tomorrow!

I have been overweight most of my life. For the last 10-15 years I have kept between 275lbs-295lbs, up and down and up and down within that weight range. It is starting to matter to me more now than it used to. Preparing to go overseas just upped the ante again. I deal with some fear about weight being a hindrance in my calling. Enough about that...
Tomorrow I am launching out into a weight loss program and I want to include those of you that want to participate with me. As most of you know, we are also right now about to enter into a time of active fund raising for our missions assignment. So, I have decided to marry these two initiatives.
The Ask:
I am looking for people who will sponsor me a dollar amount per pound I lose and donate the money toward our calling.
I am welcoming people to do:
$1.00 per pound
$2.00 per pound
$5.00 per pound
$10.00 per pound
$50.00 per pound
$100.00 per pound
$1,000 per pound
...Or anything in between.
How to make your pledge...
  • Email me your pledge amount
  • Facebook Message me
  • Leave a comment here
  • Call me
  • Text me
Your pledge will will be forwarded to our Missionary Support Team (MST) and they will contact you with further details regarding your contribution.
We leave for South Africa exactly 6 months from today. I want to lose substantial weight in the next 6 months and this is a cool way to involve others while inspiring me to action.
Today, July 11, 2010 I weigh 295 pounds. (I will try to grab one of those "before pictures" tonight or tomorrow.)
Thank you in advance for your support. If not financially, please pray I lose weight!
PS- Tricia is joining me in the weight loss part, just not the putting-your-stuff-out-there part!