What About Tanzania?


Many have asked us: "What is happening back in Tanzania while you're here in America?" So, we thought we would share a bit.

In brief, their names are Pat and Joni Kellar! We call them Mama Joni and Papa Pat (I've written about them here). They're holding down the fort, running the show and making it all happen! This selfless power couple moved to Arusha and joined our team in April. When Graceson had his stroke (and they packed us over FaceTime--that's another story) and we realized we would return to America for a time, they asked "where are we most needed?" We knew the answer was Tanzania. So, they saw us off from Nairobi, caught their breath and headed back to Arusha. 

We've got our house, a guesthouse, 4 team/staff members, 2 dogs, many friends, numerous projects, countless guests, phone calls, text messages, bills to pay, and on and on. They're there! They're handling it all! We talk several times a week and we are so excited for their visit to us here in the states next month.  

It's been such a gift to our hearts to be regularly connected to our life and ministry back home throughout this unexpected time.  

Things are moving on just fine without us in Arusha. Always have. Always will. But we sure miss it. And we lack the proper vocabulary to express our thanks to you, Mama and Papa. 

 (PS- It is our Plan A to return to Tanzania the end of December.)