What Happened in Tanzania?

Davis helping Esther carry the morning bath water. 

Davis helping Esther carry the morning bath water. 

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Arusha is a great city! About 500,000 people in the city itself with more across the region. It is basically located on the equator, but It is about 4,500 feet above sea level making it cool every day. Days are normally around 70/75 and nights are usually around 60/65. (Sorry metric friends.) The city is at the foot of Mt. Meru, the “little brother of Mt. Kilimanjaro" which is about 100km down the road. Spectacular place, really. 

Well, we discovered that not learning Swahili is not an option!! When we arrived in Arusha the first day, I had to ask 8 people for help with directions before the 9th one spoke (some) English. Even one phrase of Swahili from a muzungu (white person) goes a long way toward building relationships. It is just more confirmation toward what the Lord has already spoken…we will be dedicating our first two years in Tanzania to learning language and culture (so, in case you want to ask what we will be doing….the answer is learning language)! We were already invited to lead a conference and training in April 2016 when we arrive. We declined. It will take loads of self control to obey this word of the Lord to stay focussed on language. We will need your prayers. 

God is for us! The favor and guidance of the Lord was so clear to us during our days in Arusha. One blessing led to the next. One relationship opened doors to the next. From silly things like bag storage to serious things like medical care, God seemed to coach us right along. Oh, and we even got 1 year visas at the border so they’ll still be valid when we move next year! 

People of peace! We were astounded by how the Lord led us to people that unlocked things for us. We met at least five significant gateway people in just one week. A missionary. A pastor. A real estate agent. A government leader. And a community elder (woman well respected in the city). That’s not to mention the woman that we met on day two that kept our kids for us several times (we all trusted and loved her instantly). Oh, and Davis made a great friend….a young boy named Daniel who spent lots of time with us. It was a major joy to let locals teach us about the city, to show us around. We NEEDED them. We could not have done it without them. We know that part of honoring culture IS to need them, and we don’t want that to stop. 

Finally, we discovered that it won’t be easy. This trip was extremely worthwhile for emotional preparation as a family! For those that know much about where we have lived for the last five years (Cape Town), you know that it is not hard. Arusha will be. In a sense, it’s like we are moving to completely different context even though it is still “Africa.” Tanzania is very different. Much harder. The roads are no joke. We had electricity about 12 out of 24 hours per day. The luxuries just aren’t there. But it’s good, because we aren’t going there for luxuries. We are going for people. And for Jesus, the one who spoke to us and called us as a family. So, the adventure continues! 

We love you and thank God for you!! Your partnership with us in faith, finance and friendship makes all of this possible. 

Noah, Tricia, Davis, Lily and baby boy whose name we've chosen (may share that soon, too). 😉

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What’s our plan, practically speaking?

On this Wednesday, August 5 we fly back to Cape Town where we will enter into our final seven weeks in South Africa! Please pray that we finish well and go deep with people we love. We have set aside the next seven weeks for people! 

On September 25 we will depart Cape Town and begin our journey back to the USA…stopping in Europe for a 2 week "layover" to see dear friends and connect with partners in Germany and Switzerland.

Then, we land at BWI on October 12 to start our 6 month home leave. More on that in our next letter.