What If? (Churches Combining)

What if small, struggling or stagnant churches in the same areas began selling and combining into one church with a new vision?

What if...
  • The Pastors and leaders united their hearts to reach the lost.
  • Swallowed their pride.
  • Sold the least useful facilities.
  • Kept the one facility that is best suited for growth.
  • Combined all resources (which would in most cases leave a heft sum of money).
  • Developed a fresh team vision to take their city.
  • Learned to sacrifice their minor doctrinal differences to work together.
  • And took their city for God.
Imagine 4 churches of 50-100 people collapsing into one church of 200-400? They were all struggling to keep their doors open and lights on. Now, they have more resources than ever before and a fresh start...
What if? You have any thoughts?