What if you actually had to talk?

Thinking a lot about church these days. Here is a simple question that I have been pondering.

What if you had to offer or share something of yourself with other believers when you gathered?
Can you imagine how crazy it would be if when we gathered, we were all expected to share something of what Jesus is doing in us? Maybe a word, a prophecy, an idea, a story, a gift, a poem, a hymn, psalm or spiritual song? Something. Anything.
I wonder if people would take walking with Jesus throughout the week a tad more seriously if they thought they might be asked to display a little proof of intimacy in front of others. It's impossible to cram with discipleship!
Sunday, we asked people to share in groups in our service again. I am proud of CCF. I think we are getting better at this. But we still have a long way to go.
I am convinced that we are missing out on the main heart of the body of Christ when hundreds of people offer nothing and 3 people offer everything at our gatherings (church services).
It's like playing football while one person moves. Crew with one person rowing. Basketball with one man on the court. A choir where no one sings. Why on earth are so few Christians being a contributing part of the church they signed up for? And since when are Christians only good enough to ush, greet, cook, clean and play an instrument? The jobs we offer in most churches are insulting at worst and busy work at best--if we are not creating a place for people to bring something of JESUS and His work within them to the rest of us.
May sound strong here, but it's because I mean it. Few things bless me more than to see the Lord working in and through YOU!