Where did the week go?

Can someone please tell me where this week went?! I woke up and it's over! Why do the tough times crawl and the good times run? It was a great week with my family, but the clock has just rolled. With the offices only open 1 day this week (Thursday) and being out of town yesterday...guess what I am doing today? Preparing my message for tomorrow! This is the first time that I have done my message on a Saturday since becoming a Pastor!! I'm at the church plugging away and just stopped for a lunch break. This one is really in my heart and head, just need to get it to the keyboard.

In case you ever wondered...I preach from a"manuline" (my own made-up word). That's half outline, half manuscript. The majority of what I will say when I preach is on the paper, but it is bulleted/outlined...usually 4-6 pages typed.

I am looking forward to a great service tomorrow. I am also looking forward to our first Youth Pastor Search Team meeting, which is also tomorrow. Pray for this team as you think of them. There names will be listed in the January Capital in case you are curious about who will be assisting in the interviewing and selection.

--Good Saturday to you!