Where do you live now?

Where do you live now? This has become a common question from our family these days.

If you CLICK here, you can read all about our Nomadic Lifestyle of 2010!
I just waned to issue a shout out on the blog to:
  1. Joeley (my sister), Eamon, Brayan and Elliza for letting us stay with them for the last month+! They were AMAZINGLY gracious to us. In fact, much of our things are still there. I think we will be back later.
  2. And to Ruth Yoder (a dear friend of ours and the treasurer of our MST)! We are living with her for the rest of this month. Davis is loving it because there are 2 dogs and 3 levels. We are so comfortable here. In fact, I am working from "home" right now as I post this blog.
  3. Harmony, Rick and Gabe who may be letting us camp out at their place during our last month here.
We just take it a day at a time. God is with us! Trust me! If he wasn't, there is NO WAY we would be able to live like this.
Tricia and I feel this way: there are millions of people around the world with no food and no home. We have multiple choices of homes where people love us and welcome us. God is unbelievably good to us and we praise HIM! We cannot wait to do this for others one day.