Who is influencing you?

We are being influenced every day -- by many people and things and in various directions. But, how close are we examining those influences? I have always loved this quote:

Show me your friends and I'll show you your future. Who they are, is who you'll become.
The people that we spend our time around will determine our destiny. That includes friends (you choose), family (you don't), and many others. I picked up more on this concept while reading this BLOG recently.
Consider this...who is speaking into and influencing your life? Really. Make a list. And consider these thoughts:
  • Some people are helpful. Others are not.
  • Some propel us forward. Others hold us back.
  • Some are objective. Others are dangerously biased.
Who is influencing and shaping your life? Might you need to be more intentional about getting people around you that will help you get where God is calling you?

Warning: Be careful if you think that there is a relationship where you think that YOU are the only one that does the influencing. Probably not true. You are being influenced more than you think.