Why don't "Christian kids" become "Christian adults"


The reality is, there are many reasons. Some very painful and sometimes, nearly impossible to pinpoint. Here, I want to address one that I have seen a few too many times throughout my journey. 

Inauthenticity. Two faced parents. 

I have heard accusations and read studies of how children who grew up in a ministry or Christian family are often the most likely to rebel and walk off from the “faith” of their parents. I’ve watched and wondered. I’ve seen it over and over again. But, then I have also seen the other side… Kids that absolutely go for it and carry their parents faith even further! 

And here’s what I’ve observed:

When “Christian” parents act “Christian” when others are around, and unchristian at home when no one is watching, kids see it, hate it and say “no thank you” to this fake shit. And they rebel and run off looking for something honest. 

When we model equal amounts of “Christian” no matter where we are or who is around, kids see a faith that is embodied, real and attractive. They want it, keep it and go even further than we could. They know it's something honest. 

Yet ANOTHER reason I’m pioneering Integer Network with a hope for eradicating fakeness and creating authentic people that model and live authentic faith. I keep seeing the costs of inauthenticity biting us again and again. 

God, help us to learn honesty and vulnerability. 

(One day I would LOVE to find the time to develop content and teaching around this to help people see it and change it, so that our kids don't blame God for something he never did or someone he never was.)