Why I LIKE Halloween!

I know that many Christians take a stand against Halloween. Today, I want to tell you why this Pastor LIKES Halloween. (Note: I am OK with you disagreeing with me on this. Really.)

There are plenty of things that I do NOT like about Halloween, especially as a Christ Follower. At our home, we don't celebrate Halloween. We celebrate "Costume and Candy Day"! No ghosts, demons, devils or evil costumes. Davis is going to be a cowboy. When I was a kid, I was Moses one year and Noah another. Original, huh?
Well, let me tell you what I do like about Halloween:
  1. It is fun to play dress up if you are a kid. Stretches the imagination and builds excitement. Why not?
  2. I like that generosity is expressed by so many on this day. Free candy! Win!
  3. What other time in the year do you get to walk up to 50+ of your neighbors doors, find them home, they open their door to you, and you get to make a connection in the name of kids? Powerful opportunity! This year, I plan to get some names, write them down in my iPhone as I walk away and call them by name next year.
  4. What other night of the year will 50+ kids come knocking on your door? We plan to make some connections and get to know our neighbors better tonight! Amazing opportunity! We are going to be giving every kid 2 nice pieces of candy taped to an invitation to CCF (our church)!!

Bottom line for me: To skip Halloween in the name of being a Christian is to skip one of the greatest opportunities to begin making a difference in your neighborhood for Christ! I'm not spiritual enough yet to miss that opportunity.