World Class Athletes in Our Small Group

We just had another GREAT Small Group tonight. We love our Small Group. We want to see it grow more in 2008 and we have some cool ideas. We are finishing up a video series called Secrets of the Vine. Are you in a CCF Small Group? If not, you will be in 2008...if my prayers are answered!

OK, so our Small Group has World Class Athletes in it:

First....I have been meaning to brag on Sioux-z Gary. She and her husband Matt are in our Small Group and are World Champion/ World Class powerlifters. Check out this video of Sioux-z in Austria just last month. She is amazing.

Sioux-z Powerlifting Video

Second...there is Henry. Every Small Group recently has included a game of darts after the closing prayer. Here is Henry throwing a MEAN DART tonight. What a machine he is!