3 BIG Announcements...CCF Team is Growing!

On Sunday we made 3 BIG announcements here at CCF. All 3 of these announcements embody God's call, the Spirit's leading, and a sense of the Lord's favor on this church. These announcements were made after leadership discerned and celebrated God raising up from among us people of the vision and of the house. In addition, we sensed the financial wisdom in this direction and believe that it will have broader impact than anything else we could have done with our bucks. I say that because we are hiring 3 part time staff members in place of the one full time youth position that we once had.

Look, there is a whole lot more that I could say about the value of hiring from within and putting people in leadership that have been faithful, know the culture and champion the vision! It is a win, win, win.

So, if you have not already heard, CCF is excited to welcome to the staff:

  1. Caleb Kaye as our Director of Worhsip (leading worship, production, media and many of the Sunday morning logistics)
  2. Thurman Custis (Pastor TC) is back on the team as Youth Pastor (leadership for 7th-12 grade)
  3. Tricia Kaye as our Director of Children's Ministry (leadership for birth-6th grade)

(Man, I wish I had their pictures to include here. They are all 3 pretty good looking. Especially number 3!!)

They will start January 5, 2009. Lots more info to come. Be wathing as we feature our new and improved CCF Staff in 2009!

Hello out there

I track traffic on my website/blog and the CCF church site through google analytics. Every few days I check out what has been happening. Basically, I can see what you are wearing. OK, just kidding. But google analytics has some pretty impressive tracking capabilities. One of the things that I am able to see are the locations that people view this blog from. It leaves me curious sometimes. Well, all I can do is say hello to you even though I have no idea who you are. So...

  • Hello San Antonio. You visit faithfully, but I have no clue who you are.
  • Hello Falls Church, Alexandria and Springfield, VA. Not sure how this is possible, but you seem to have visited more than the state of Maryland this month!
  • Hello York Springs, PA.
  • Hello NYC! Not sure who you are, but see you visit daily.
  • Hello Guatemala! I know it's you, Anna Mae. Excited to see you in a few months.
  • Hello to the many more all over the country. I know who a lot of you are in FL, NH, SC, CA, CO, MI, GA, OH, etc...

Kinda creepy, huh? Gotta love technology.



I have the worst memory. I keep saying that, but I prove it too!!

We had an appointment to dedicate a baby in a home tonight. Well, I have been to their home before, so I knew where to go! I drove us there with confidence and then called from the parking lot to see which apartment number...but I called from THE WRONG PARKING LOT!!! I was in a wrong city in the wrong direction!! THEN, I decided to plug into the GPS and we made it with no problem.

Love my memory. Go ahead, do me wrong. I will forget in a week.


A "Strong" Board Member

A few weeks ago I posted a video of our friend Sioux-z power lifting like a beast (um...perhaps I need a better word for her....um....)

Well, here is the man behind the project...her husband, Matt, who is also a beast! By the way, he is on our Executive Board. I bet you won't find a Pastor with a "stronger board member!"

This video is fun. Check it out! I love the way that he incorporated scripture. Oh, and he made this video. Hidden talents. I will be telling our media team about this.

Rattle some thoughts off....

Feel like rattling a few random thoughts out about the last few days or whatever comes out. Here goes:

  • The Christmas Party was a hugs success. Seriously. Packed, buzzing, energetic, festive....what a church I get to attend!!
  • The production, "A Twisted Christmas" was the bomb. Thanks Sharonda and all who were involved for a job well done!
  • A more diverse and original expression you would be hard pressed to find!
  • Hershey Park is fun and beautiful in the winter!
  • Especially when it is in the 20's and you have 4 babies with you!
  • Our weekend was packed. I like it that way. Tricia....not so much, but is getting used to it after being married to me for almost 7 years.
  • I heard that there were like 25 kids at the Club 56 laser tag event yesterday. That is a lot of kids for only 2 grades!
  • Great service this morning....Nelson preached and really connected. I made some pretty big announcements that I will blog later.
  • I cannot believe the real relationships that have been built in my Sunday Morning Small in just a little over 3 months. We have the group over to our home tonight and it was great to have them!
  • I started my John Deere in my garage tonight and set off smoke detectors. So fun!
  • Santa came down our street on a fire truck tonight. Davis did not have a basket to catch that in. His face was priceless.
  • My wife is so thoughtful. She is doing some special 12 days of Christmas thingy for me. So...on the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me...a nice lunch at Cheesecake Factory!
  • I am tired and want to head to bed.
  • I have a pretty full calendar and a very packed task list for this week. Will need to prioritize and think smart.
  • I am thankful for Jesus tonight! Baby Jesus, crucified Jesus, risen Jesus and the Jesus who is coming again to take us to our eternal home!
  • I hope you walk with him this week as if he is walking with you and in the room with you.....because He is.....He is in your heart!


Proverbs 7

I have had the following thing written in my task list for several months: "Preach on Proverbs 7."

I read it a few months ago and thought...WOW!! What a provocative passage about the schemes of the enemy to tempt and destroy us. I would suggest you read Proverbs 7.

Well, tonight I found this video on a blog I read. It really caught my attention. Watch this. It will mean a lot more if you read Proverbs 7:10-23 first. Click here to read it! You may see this again later.

Based on Proverbs 7:10-23 from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

Does it get any cuter than this?

Excuse me while I brag for just a moment. I am proud of my son. I think he is a sharp looking young man and developing into a bright and loving boy. I mean, does it get any cuter than this?

I have received a little feedback that I share about my family too much on my blog. Very thankful for that compliment! (Note: If you don't like my sharing about my family, there are plenty of other websites for you to go visit.)

Save these dates in 2009...

Save These Dates in 2009…

March 15: International Sunday

March 22: Spring Church Wide Small Group/Message Series Begins

April 12: Easter Sunday

July 20 - 24: Vacation Bible School

September 20: Friend Sunday

October 23 - 25: Church Retreat

In addition, there are many other exciting things on the horizon! They will be advertised in detail in the Capital & Mini as they approach. Be watching! A great year is ahead!

Gifts that Actually Matter

The cold air, a glance at the calendar and the songs on the radio are reminding us all that it’s Christmas time! It is so easy to get caught up in the cultural realities of Christmas that we forget the spiritual realities. This Christmas, strive to focus on the gifts that actually matter!

Money is tight for so many of us. Person after person has exclaimed that they “just do not have the money to buy gifts like they want to or used to.” Maybe we can leverage that economic reality this season and bring more much needed attention to the gifts that really matter.

Think of it…clothes wear and rip. Electronics are outdated and replaced by next Christmas. Toys are outgrown or broken by April. Jewelry tarnishes and gets lost. Appliances leak and the new model comes out three weeks after Christmas.

On the other hand…family traditions can shape a child, memories carry a lifetime, time spent communicates true love, godly parents can impart integrity, the gift of God’s love extends to a thousand generations, and the gift of Jesus provides us life eternal. Give these gifts this year. They come with a lifetime guarantee and they all mean more to your family than any iPod, Xbox, diamonds or outfit will ever mean.

This Christmas, give the gifts that actually matter!

Written by Pastor Noah for the December 2008 Capital at CCF

Half the meetings, Twice the productivity!

Read this article on Swerve a few weeks ago. Swerve is a blog I read. It got me thinking. It has a lot of value. Do we meet too often and are the meetings as effective as they could be? We will be implementing some of this thinking at CCF in 2009 with our Staff (which will be growing in 2009).

Read the article by clicking here.

But, I thought of you and your business. Anything for you to learn or consider here for your place of employment as you plan for 2009?

Measuring the Value of a Relationship

Here are a few thoughts on relationship for you to think about today:

You can measure the value that you place on a relationship by the level of discomfort and awkwardness you are willing to engage to make that relationship the best it can possibly be.

The absence of tension and conflict is not the mark of a healthy relationship any more than the absence of heavy breathing and muscle fatigue is the mark of an effective exercise program.

The most fulfilling and productive relationships in my life all have one thing in common: I have initiated or endured very difficult conversations and adjustments along the way to make the relationship what it is. And the relationship is what it is-not in spite of the hard things-but because of the hard things.

Jesus modeled this well with Peter...

  • When he asked him not once, not twice...but, three times: “Do you love me?” Needed to do some tough confronting and pushing for Peter to lead the charge at Pentecost.
  • Then, in Matthew 16 it is even more wierd when Jesus tells Peter "get thee behind me satan!" Huh?

Look, I would seriously call into question any relationship that you consider "close" if it does not hit some awkward and uncomfortable moments. Also, I think there is a big difference between a "close" relationship and a "transformational" relationship.

Do you value the key relationships in your life enough to engage extreme discomfort to keep correct alignment and focus?

A note from an impacted person

This is why I do what I do...parts of a note from a life that has been touched. These things need to be celebrated. Let's rejoice in the Lord!

I just wanted to take a minute to appreciate God for your ministry. My time at CCF has been pure oil in my open bleeding wounds. In your open doors I found care, embraces, hope, friendship and people who just "be there". I found a safe place where it was ok to be broken. I heard much needed messages of life and grace....

As I am now in-between the broken and starting my journey of healing, I know without a doubt that I could not have made it the last couple years without my ties to CCF. All I know is that the vision and heart of CCF is totally my ticket. Listening at yesterday's business meeting really confirmed that for me. When you were talking about next year's goals/missions and how you viewed this past year, I was so connecting to that, I could have jumped out my seat. I bet that would have made for an exciting meeting, huh :-).

You guys have made me feel right at home. Thank you Pastor Noah, Pastor Nelson and the rest of the leadership team for your love of the people of CCF. Many, many blessings to you guys always!

To God be the glory!

Email Stats and Facts

I monitor my email stats and facts. First of all it's easy because it is all stored in nice little organized Outlook folders. But there are other reasons too. Helps me keep a gauge on productivity and communication. Well, here are a few of my stats:

  • I receive an average of 110 emails a day.
  • I send an average of 85 emails a day.
  • I am a "Clean Inbox Guy". I file or delete every email possible. The only things that stay in my inbox are emails that represent something I still need to do. When it is done, it is out of the inbox!
  • I try to keep less than 30 emails in the inbox at all times.
  • I read and return emails from 2 places...a church PC or my personal laptop. None of this emails-to-the-phone stuff. Tricia would leave me. :-)

Anyway, not that you care...


Car Guy...252mph

OK, so you know I am a big car guy. And I kinda like speed, I confess. Well, tonight while watching the Skins get clobbered, my buddy Joel showed me a video of the fastest car in the world being driven at its top speed (407km/h which is like 252mph). To give you an example, this car has raced planes! Yes, planes! You have to be a car person to appreciate this. Check it out if you want to:

Finished Habakkuk

This morning I had the joy of completing a 3 week series on Habakkuk. I just have to tell you...this series was one of the joys of my year! You may think that is a bit of an overstatement, but hanging out in this book for the last month has reignited my passion for Scripture. Seriously.

Here is the 30,000 foot view of Habakkuk:
Chapter 1: Falling into the dip. (wondering, questions, frustration, confusion)
Chapter 2: In the dip! (listening to God, waiting, waiting, waiting, writing what He says, trusting)
Chapter 3: Climbing out of the dip. (remembering what God has done, accepting what God is doing, trusting what God will do)