52 highlights from 2009!

On the last day of 2008, I shared 52 highlights of the year as it closed out. You can read it by clicking here. I said that it would be an annual tradition, so here goes. Here are 52 highlights of 2009! This is a really easy and enjoyable exercise to read through my blog posts from the year and see what jumps out. What a great year it was. Here is the proof:

  1. Loving Jesus more
  2. Loving Tricia more
  3. Loving Davis more
  4. Loving all our family more
  5. Loving our church more...and loving seeing lives changed for Jesus!!
  6. Davis Turned 2
  7. The Launch of EntryPoint! What a success!!! 75 in EntryPoint and 40 new partners!
  8. Our staff grew by 3
  9. We miscarried...sad time. But, God is sovereign.
  10. Connection Power (our new church management software) gets cranking...
  11. Joshua Thomas Kaye was born!
  12. I went Mac...and I will never go back!
  13. Built a brick wall during a sermon...too cool!
  14. Corn Hole for Missions
  15. Took another Masters Class
  16. Preaching on Financial Peace in March
  17. Staying Connected Small Group Curriculum
  18. Tricia started blogging! So proud of my wife.
  19. Marrying Moe and Creshia in our living room!
  20. International Sunday....Why Diversity?
  21. My Niece, Graciella Lopez was born.
  22. Trip to Guyana...concluding our formal ministry there
  23. Starting Connection Cards
  24. Meeting Naylin and Anthony, our Foster Niece and Nephew
  25. Our trip to Miami to see Melyssa and Adam and visit Fellowship Church
  26. "Hope"- Easter Sunday
  27. Being Ordained on April 26th...what an honor!
  28. Pastor Dave's Book release
  29. The Drive Conference in Atlanta
  30. Married Life Live (x2)
  31. Our Sabbatical...the spiritual renewal
  32. Our Sabbatical...the family renewal
  33. Our Sabbatical...the life change
  34. Seeing the majesty of God out west
  35. Attending worship Services and the Ascent Conference at New Life Church
  36. Driving 9,500 miles over the summer!!
  37. China with the Kauffman's and Baptizing Austin in the South China Sea!
  38. Falling in love with the Word of God like I never have before!
  39. Reading over 25 books
  40. Facebook Ministry, Community and Connections!
  41. This Blog....year 3!
  42. Twittering the things that the Lord is doing and revealing and the memories we are making!
  43. Preaching the "Whispers" and "Pursuit" series
  44. Flapjack Friend Day
  45. Selling our van and getting our Scooters
  46. The "Nines" Conference 9.09.09
  47. Speaking at the Lanham Christian School Retreat
  48. The Homegoing of Lisa Savoy and Ralph McGill
  49. Navigating tough economic times as a church
  50. Church Retreat at Black Rock
  51. Announcing that Halftime is back for 2010!
  52. Blizzard of 2009! Good times!
All praise to God!!!!