More Genesis Highlights....

Picking up from THIS POST....

Here are some more things about the book of Genesis that grabbed me lately:

  • 14:19-20- Giving thanks to God and thanks to man are both in order!
  • 15:2- Abraham is basically saying, “Thanks, BUT…”! You are giving me nations. How about we start with one son of my own. Please?! Interesting.
  • 16:1-8- this is one of those random things about the culture of scripture. I let my wife have sex with someone else and then we fight. This is a pretty pertinent account of a spousal spat right here in Genesis. Read it. You may be able to relate.
  • 17:17- Abraham laughs at the idea of being a Dad at the ripe age of 100.
  • 18:10- We have the first account of female eaves dropping!!
  • 19:30-36 seems so unlikely, but it IS the word of God. How did these daughters get their Dad so drunk? How did he allow that? How did he have sex with them and not realize it even if he was intoxicated? How in the world did they pull this off 2 nights in a row? Did Lot like this? How did they both get pregnant in one attempt? Were they both ovulating at the same time? Just lots of questions come to my mind when I read this.
  • 22:2-3 Abraham asks NO questions!! Are you serious?! He just proceeds toward killing his son? Wow! The entire story of 22: 1-19 is truly amazing and inspiring!!
  • 24:12- Love this verse. Give me success on my mission, Lord.
  • 24:25- a rationale for having a guest room!
  • 24:52- it is powerful to me the way that Abraham’s servants have learned to worship like their master! People are watching us.
  • 24:67- Spouses are a special comfort in the time of death or loss
  • 25:1-3 amazes me that Abraham remarries and has more kids at 100+!!
  • 26:6-7 we see Isaac lying and saying that Rebekah is his sister to protect her. Wait! Didn’t dad do this too? Like father like son!
  • 26:30-33 we have a treaty ceremony. Good substantiation for some of the ceremonial things that we do in the church. Also, they name the place they are at. More on that later….
  • 28:16- “Surely the Lord was in this place and I wasn’t even aware of it.” Lord, please forgive us for this. I am afraid we do it all the time.

**Everything throughout the book of Genesis seemed to revolve around what the Lord said. He appeared. He talked. He commanded. People acted. And then the drama ensued, the scene got eventful and the blessings came. How much of our stories revolve around us doing what the Lord is asking us to do? Do we hear him? If yes, do we obey? What does hearing him look like for us today?