9-11, Katrina and the Haiti Earthquake

I hope that you are really bothered today!! You should be. My heart is really heavy for the country of Haiti today after his devastating earthquake struck. Spent some time praying for them this morning, but honestly, it left me wishing there was more I could do!
Let me offer this perspective:
2,985 people died in the 9-11 attacks.
1,836 people died in Hurricane Katrina.
Now, remember with me the utter panic and pain that these 2 tragedies brought to THIS nation.
As sad as these tragedies were (and as hurtful as they were for those impacted), they were tiny in comparison to what the people of Haiti are feeling today.
Here is my hope for believers who desire to grow in the reality of Christ and His kingdom:
  • I long for us to see the lives of people in other nations as being EQUALLY as valuable as the lives of Americans.
  • In turn, I long for us to be as broken for others when tragedy strikes as we would be for ourselves.
  • In fact, I would take it a step further....with Christ as the selfless servant example that he is, we should be more worried about others than we are ourselves.
  • We are joined together as the kingdom of God (first allegiance) and we need to beware of dividing our joys or our pains according to the kingdoms of this world!
I just want to encourage you to be bothered by what is happening in Haiti. And if you are not bothered, pray to the Lord and ask him to increase your heart of compassion for people!
Then, Pray! Give! Pray! Give! And then pray and give some more!