Does God Care?

This morning's message delivered by Pastor Nelson was stirring. He grappled with the age old question...with all the evil and pain in the world...does God really love and care about people. If he did, why does he let this junk happen?

Here are some of the answers I heard through this word today:
  • YES, he cares!!
  • The entire Bible is a proof text for the fact that he cares.
  • He cared about Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel.
  • He cared about Moses and the Israelites as he tried his darndest to redeem them and call them into the promised land (despite the fact that they made it so difficult).
  • He cared through the flood in giving a fresh start to his people.
  • He cared in the story of Abraham from his call to the making of a people of God.
  • He cared through the Old Testament.
  • He cared through the New Testament.
  • The whole human story seems to be about GOD CARING and us messing things up.
  • Then....then.....then.....he expressed his care the most when he came himself in the form of Jesus, entered into our broken world and fixed the problem once and for all by caring enough to nail evil to the cross with Jesus, the son of God!
  • Now, evil has been conquered and overcome by love.
So, the next hurricane, earthquake, sickness of death you encounter, remember, God does care!! And he has a solution to what we see (temporarily) that will lead us out of the pain and into what we cannot see (eternity).