A Day Off

Yesterday was my day off. Actually, I am finding that I do not blog much when I am "off" (whatever that means as a Pastor). I did not write yesterday, not because I did not have anything to write, but because I did not have the time.

I will write this one confession about yesterday. I was a bad boy! I did wrong, let me come clean! I took Davis to the doctor at 11:30. I arrived early (11:15). They called me back at 12:15. I waited 15 more minutes for the nurse, 10 more minutes after that for the Doctor, and 10 more minutes after that for the lady that gives the shots (Davis got the flu shot). So, if you were counting...that is a doctors appointment of over an hour and a half...with an infant...DURING NAP TIME!! You fill in the rest. I got really, really impatient and took it out on Tricia by blaming her for scheduling a nap-time appointment. I was wrong. She let me know it when I got home (wish you could have been there...perhaps I would not have got it quite as bad). Smile. I think we have worked it out. Marriage, Kids, Dads!