Amazing Production...Fearless

Just got back from the Dance Production "Fearless" that was put on by our young people at CCF! This was kids, youth and young adults putting on a full scale production using music, drama, dance, lights, props, other effects...even included 11 scenes! All of it came together to tell a powerful story. It was absolutely outstanding! Over 250 people filled the Worship Center tonight for this event. I was so proud to see our young people take such ownership. This thing was led by our young people in every way. Sharonda Roberts (a talented young adult at CCF) wrote, directed, choreographed and ran the entire thing. It was a personal dream and vision of hers. I am so proud of her!

To borrow the words I used when I closed the event in prayer tonight...Lord, please keep these young people dancing in the church instead of the clubs and please help us to encourage them to keep using their bodies for you instead of themselves or the world.

To God be the glory for and amazing production tonight!