A Vague Sneak Peak

I am really excited about some things that have been coming together over the last few weeks. As you know, we have finally landed on an official Purpose Statement at CCF...Loving God, Loving People, and Living as Disciples. That has allowed some other things to get in motion now.

So often there are things that go on in my life and at the church that for many reasons, I cannot throw out here on my blog. However, tonight I want to give you a sneak peak of some things to come...

  • Now that we have a clearly defined purpose, we can explore how to live in and toward that purpose. We have been doing a lot of that these days as a staff!
  • So, just how do we do that? How do we live in and toward our purpose? The staff is working at providing leadership for this. You have actually heard it over and over....can you guess? More to come. I will be doing a series in May on our "Commitments to our purpose".
  • There are several improvements to our weekend worship services that we will be implementing by the end of 2008. Details to be unveiled soon. Very exciting stuff that will make CCF an even better place! (I really want to say more because I am very excited, but I will show restraint.)
  • New ministry qualifications will be unveiled soon. We are going to be stepping it up a notch at CCF! If you are in any form of ministry at CCF...I would encourage you to join a small group and attend Discovery 101 to become a member (if you haven't already). If you do, you will have a jump start on the things to come!

There is your vague sneak peak!