It hurts to type...

There is something that I haven't been telling you. I started working out. Pastor Mike is a dedicated worker-outer and he has influenced (guilt tripped) me, my brother and Pastor Nelson into working out with him in the mornings at the church. It has been going on for 3-4 weeks now. I have not told you because I did not want anyone bothering me with accountability, smile. I know that this is right and is just so difficult to stay committed to.

Well, Mike killed me the last 2 mornings and right now, it hurts to type. Yesterday, my hands felt like jello and it hurt to text. It is a good feeling though. Isn't it amazing how you can work out a few weeks and it does more to your head than your body. I mean, I keep looking down at my arms and chest and thinking "wow, look at that definition." LOL! No sure what this is impacting body, my eyes, or my brain.

Either way, I gotta keep with it, so go ahead and ask me how I am doing with my commitment when you see me next.