Almost Done

I ran all day! I used my day off today to finish the remodeling job on our bathroom. We are almost there. Tomorrow we will go out and get a new decorative picture that matches our new paint color. Once we have that done, I will post a picture of the final product of "Extreme Makeover Kaye Bathroom Edition." :-)

In order to finish it up, I had to make two trips to Home Depot, one run to a tile and marble store and one run to Duron. Between that and completing the work, it pretty much shot my whole day. My brother helped me a lot. Neither of us are master carpenters by any stretch of the imagination, but together we get it done (and enjoy hanging out). We closed our day together as a family with an evening trip to Target. Davis stayed awake until almost 10:00...and was a good boy!!

Almost Done! Will show you tomorrow.