Lanham Christian School Banquet

Just got home from a very nice evening at an alumni banquet from my High School (Lanham Christian School). Tricia is still not feeling all the way better. She has a doctors note saying that she cannot return to school until Monday so she felt that it would be best that she stay home tonight. Hence, I invited Selah (my sister) to take her ticket and she was able to get Randy (her husband) a ticket at the last minute. We had fun together...laughed the whole way home...mainly at people we used to go to school with.

It was nice to see old friends, old teachers and administrators and connect with people that I have not seen in years. Honestly, there were more than a few times tonight where people were very warm and friendly and "so glad to see me again" while I had NO IDEA who they were! I am the faker, though. "Oh, so good to see you's been a while (evidently)." Lord, forgive me!

Honestly, I thank the Lord extra tonight that I am an alumnus of 2 great schools! Both my high school (Lanham Christian School) and my college (Valley Forge Christian College) hold VERY special places in my heart. God used both of these places to form me and shape me for my call in life and ministry. I am thankful for that tonight!