Awesome Morning...Video Coming Soon

Amid a morning of numerous attempted distractions of the enemy, I want to take a moment and celebrate the Lord for what happened among us as a church this morning!! As we wrapped up our "One Heart" series, I could sense the presence of the Lord in our midst as more lives were touched for Christ! If you were there, you know what happened. If you were not there, are reading from out of state or stayed home today (insert conviction here), you missed a powerful time together at CCF! 19 people participated in the closing of my message this morning. The message was entitled "Father, Make us Real!" 19 people modeled it even before we left the room today by sharing their Cardboard Testimony. You know, one of the best ways to teach something is to tell it, and then do it! That's what happened this morning.

The video of what took place this morning will be available in 2 places:

  1. First, right here on my blog in the next few days. (yeah, blog readers!)
  2. Second, there will be DVD's available for you to purchase at the Welcome Center next Sunday.

To God be the Glory! The stories are coming in already and I look forward to hearing many more. The half has not been told!

With a full heart and tired eyes,