Over the last few weeks I have taken some time to read many different pastors blog and I have learned so much from it!! There are pastors that I know and respect across the country that utilize blogging in a BIG WAY in their ministries. One of my biggest blog-spirations (has been for a few years) is Mark Batterson's blog. Mark is the Lead Pastor of National Community Church in DC. He is a fantastic writer, dynamite leader and has a super blog.

I am finding over the last few months that this is going to be a pretty awesome and effective way for me to keep up with myself and for others to keep up with me as well. I have really been enjoying it and now I can see why these Pastors have utilized this tool.

This may change over the years, but here are the reasons I blog for now:

  1. Forces me to slow down and process, think and reflect.
  2. Helps me capture my journey as a Christian, leader, husband and father.
  3. Allows other people a chance to get to know me more and have a window into my day and into my life. As much as I would like to know everyone in my church, I know that I can't. At least those that wish to know more about me can connect to my life daily through this blog.
  4. Accomplishes so many other goals from serving as a means of advertising, humor, confession, learning and teaching. One of my friends calls this "Digital Discipleship." Interesting definition.

So, this got me thinking more. I wish I could know everyone at CCF personally! I am convinced that we have more special people with amazing stories and untapped ability than I can even imagine! I wish I could touch them, know them, know their needs and pray with them and for them. Obviously, there are not enough hours in the day. I appreciate what Andy Stanley said..."Everyone needs to know Jesus! Not everyone needs to know Andy Stanley."

Here is my question to you...
(I would love you to comment through the link below)

Do you find value in reading my blog? (Who are you?)
If so, how do you think I could publicize it and invite more people to interact with it?

Can you take a moment to comment?
Thanks, friend!