"He's Gone"

Most of you that read my blog probably know Jaye Lindo. Jaye is my right hand woman, Director of Operations at CCF. She is a dear friend and an asset to the church. Over the last few weeks her father has become increasingly ill with brain cancer and other forms of cancer as well. We have known that outside of a miracle he would passing into eternity very soon. Well, I received a text from Jaye at 4:00 today that simply read "He's Gone." To which I replied "I will be showing up at your parents house in a few minutes unless you stop me." She did not stop me and I was there in 30 minutes. Jaye has a super family! I thank God for that. Her dad was still laying in the bed. He looked peaceful. As I stood over him with Jaye rubbing his head, the verse in James 4:14 was as real to me as anything could be...I looked at Jaye and said, "life is truly a vapor that appears for a while and the vanishes."

May God be extra near and extra real to the Lindo & Shelton families during these days!