Booty, God, Booty

I am reading a book right now entitled "Stuff Christians Like". HILARIOUS is an understatement. If you need a good laugh, and are able to laugh at yourself, I recommend you read this one.

It tells of a radio station in Atlanta, called V103, the “People’s Station.” It’s a hip hop station that plays mostly Rap and R&B. The best part of V103 is their morning show. Everyday they do what they call an “Inspirational Vitamin.” They read a Bible verse and play a gospel song or a clip by a minister from Atlanta. The thing that is most interesting is how they wedge the Inspirational Vitamin into their normal programming.

What often happens is that right before they transition to the spiritual segment of the show they play some sort of booty song. Let’s say, at 6:25am they play “I’m 'n luv (wit a stripper).” Then they do the Bible segment and then they go right back to Lil Wayne's "Lollipop" at 6:35am . They essentially bookend the Inspirational Vitamin with booty-- following a fairly simple formula – Booty, God, Booty.

It’s easy to laugh at how insincere that Inspirational Vitamin seems to be when it’s sandwiched between 2 rap songs, but to do so could miss a bigger point. Maybe it is quite similar to what God hears when he is listening to the broadcast of our day:

Saturday night, out on the town. God is at home babysitting my stuff.

Sunday morning, back with God. We're tight. We're praying. We're BFF's!

Monday, back to work. God's in the car. Where I left my Bible.

It might not be as graphic or as neon, but the juxtaposition between who I am when I'm in "God Mode" and when I'm not is pretty substantial. Next time you transition between two parts of your day, ask yourself...did I just "Booty, God, Booty"?

How's that for an inspirational vitamin?