Difficult Questions-- Week TWO, Take TWO!

Last week was a lot of fun. Click HERE to read the questions we answered. Click HERE to listen online.

After doing it one week, we are adjusting and making some cool changes for this weekend. We are thrilled with the participation that we have had. We have received over 50 awesome questions. However, with so many questions, we have had to adjust our approach a tad. You will have to come see what we are up to. I'll give you a hint: BUZZER! Come this week and watch us answer twice as many questions in half as much time.
Here is a preview of the questions that Pastor Nelson and I will be addressing this Sunday:

  • How do you restore trust in your marriage after your spouse betrays your trust through an affair?
  • When are divorce and remarriage okay & when it is considered adultery?
  • Gay Marriage: I personally strongly disagree with homosexual marriage. But do I have a right to force that belief on someone else?
  • What does the bible say on homosexuality?”
  • Why is it wrong for unmarried people to live together? I see nothing in the Bible about living together.
  • Is it wrong to use the morning-after pill as a contraceptive?
  • Should I allow my children to read Harry Potter?
  • If God is no respecter of persons, why are Pastors called by a title and put on a higher level
  • How much is education/degree a factor in the Pastoral role in the church?
  • How do you know when your child is old enough to accept Christ?
  • Even though the Bible says honor your parents, should someone continue to honor an abusive parent?
  • Can we invite or allow more of the Holy Spirit into our Worship Services?
  • Why does CCF seem to follow the same pattern for Sunday services? Can we change it around every once in a while?
See you Sunday at 10:30am!!!