Building People

Teaching in Kenya on servant leadership...power under, not power over.  

Teaching in Kenya on servant leadership...power under, not power over.  

I still don't know what I'm gonna do when I grow up. But I do find deep satisfaction in the things I do on the road to that discovery. Maybe I'll wake up one day and realize I was doing what I was made to do all along? 

One of the things I've reflected on most over the last year is this idea of building people (build = develop, encourage, heal, promote, mobilize). 

I remember years ago when I was pastoring, I would read book after book and attend conference after conference about how to build a big, healthy church. We all know how it goes. You've got to have a clear and compelling VISION and regularly and creatively draw people into the MISSION. It's all about the vision and the mission. And that's great. For companies and business. But I can recall feeling something was "off" about this thinking but couldn't put my finger on I went for it and tried to build IT. Whatever IT was.  

And now as I've grown older and gained more experience, I should be more equipped than ever to "build" something. Some ministry. Some organization. Some empire of sorts. It's time! But, yet, I can't.  

Because I don't (yet) feel peace to build someTHING. I only feel God's invitation to build someONE. People. All I want to do is build people!! And this is what is growing largest fastest in my heart. 

I still have many questions and don't know exactly how this will look, but I know it's the crux of why I'm on this earth. To love people! So while I figure out what I'm gonna do when I grow up, I'll just keep building people.