Calendar Challenged

If I were a betting man, I would bet that most of you reading this have been calendar challenged over the last 2 weeks. By that I mean that the Holiday schedule has had us all confused. I am willing to bet that at least once in the last few weeks you have uttered the words, "WHAT DAY IS IT?" Well, me too!

On work. Off work. Is it a holiday? Is it a trash day? Stores close early. Stores open late. Church on. Church off. School open. School closed. With Christmas and New Years both falling on a Tuesday...Wednesday has become the new Monday. Are you confused yet? Yeah, me too.

I am ready for calendars and schedules to get back to normal. Oh, by the way...only 43 shopping days left until Valentines Day...just go to the store this week and the Valentines Stuff is out already! Ugh!