Preview for Sunday...The Spin Cycle

If you are a reader of my blog, then you are often the first to hear where my heart is and what I am thinking. I just got into a writers flow while preparing my message for Sunday. I typed basically non-stop from 9:30-11:30. I looked up and there are 2 people that I know sitting 2 tables away...ah the joy of working at Panera...white noise, great productivity and friends close by when you look up (2 hours later)!

Well, while writing the following stuff came out (among other things). I thought I would post it. I hope that it has some shock value on Sunday. That's my intention.

Here is an excerpt/preview from my message this coming Sunday:

First of all, know that I am preaching to this chubby guy right here FIRST and the rest of you can have your toes stepped on or your heart impacted as you wish.

  • We are too busy!
  • We run too much and too fast.
  • We are expecting ourselves to handle way more than we are built to handle.

The Job:

  • Do work right! You have to keep the job or get the raise! If you don’t keep the job or get the raise you will be judged by everyone in your life…because life is all about what people think of you.
  • But you gotta stay in this miserable high pressure job anyway whether you like it or not because you have a $2,000+ mortgage payment, loads of bills and ZERO options but to keep doing what you are doing.

The Family:

  • Spend time! Buy this! Buy that. Be kind. Help with the homework. Be patient. Get overwhelmed. Stay strong. Hide the truth. Be open and honest. Family first.
  • Get to ball practice. Late for band practice. Christmas concerts…3 of them and you want to sleep through all of them. Family first.
  • Text, email, call, deal with emergencies at work….tell your fam you'll have to hang out later. Family first.

What about the fun? The things I like?

What about my friends?

What about the church?

  • Be there Sunday.
  • Stay after for a meeting.
  • Get home late.
  • Be here Wednesday…Halftime is great! So is REAL Teens. So is Bible Study. So are Small Groups.
  • Come to this event…be at that event.
  • Support your being here every time the doors are open…..because that is right and holy…unlike prioritizing your family or your health….or your intimacy with Christ.

Whatever you do….no matter what….STAY BUSY…keep life packed, complicated, complex and overscheduled….so that time can fly by until you die.

I hope you have caught on to the effect and impact that I am trying to make…

Allow this video to further convince you…I am sure you will relate to something in it…..It is called "THE SPIN CYCLE."