CCF Upper Room Almost Finished!!

In case you did not know, in our spare time, we have been completing an 80x70 youth and senior center in the upstairs of our facility...elevator and all! I am telling you, THIS SPACE ROCKS!!!! Many thanks to Lew Good who has invested tirelessly into it's completion!! And many thanks to the people who have pledged and given financially to this dream. As of today, we have received pledges and receipts totaling $508, 294!!! Miracles! That is the only adequate word!

If you have not seen it, I guarantee you that you will be surprised by how cool it is! I am so excited that I went upstairs to see it 3 different times today. The paint is done, the carpet is in (fun carpet, I might add), flat screen TV'S abound and the sound system will be finished within the hour. I will post a pic soon!

Grand Opening TBA...