Weekend Reflections

Here are few reflections from the weekend.

  • Got back last night from a great time in Lancaster County with the family. That is such a cool place to hang out. Relaxing. And the way of life of the Amish always does something to my world view. It's hard to explain, but it's good. Great bonding time, too.
  • Davis can now say 5-10 different words, is walking all over the place, climbing stairs, backing off of furniture and his favorite thing to do is to play ball. So fun!
  • Church was great again this morning! Attendance has been low the month of January. Not sure why. But, unity and energy have been high. We have had some great services where we have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and for some reason the numbers have not sidetracked me like they would have a few years ago. I want to be faithful to developing and impacting who is there! I will let the Lord deal with who is not there (and making sure that the bills stay paid...sometimes less people means less money...not sure what today's offering was, but we have been low this month).
  • I have always said, "numbers are not the vision, but they are a product of the vision!!" We look at the numbers and watch them, but they do not always define the health of where we are.
  • We are hosting Safe Haven homeless ministry at the church all week. Pray for this to be a time of great ministry to the men that will be sleeping in our facility.

Off to a Sunday nap! Feeling sleepy! Peace!