Change of Plans...Need to Write

Here's the deal. I am going to post a lot today. You have been appropriately warned. Again, lots of this stuff is going to turn into upcoming messages.

I had planned to work on Masters Work today, but I have too much floating around in my head about Vision and ministry at the church that I cannot seem to disconnect. Hence, I just made an executive decision about my day (maybe I should have run it by some people and got their permission good Noah).

I need to do some thinking, reading and writing today. I need to get some stuff in my head out and organized. Then, I will feel way better! I will have to pick another day to write papers. I have already been pounding at it (church-related stuff) since 6am, so who am I kidding. This is a work day, not a school day.

Will be writing more today. The first of the year is coming fast and I have a lot to think through before then.

By the way, writing is becoming increasingly sacred for me! More on that later.