Pastors Report

Last night I talked to my Great Uncle in Georgia. While they would love to know what is going on in our life, they are quite disconnected. No internet, no computer and no idea what a blog is. While talking to him, I thought "hey, i guess I could print and mail it to him." Isn't there a place where you can mail a post office or something, smile. (I predict that mailing things...other than large objects...will one day be a think of the past.)

Anyhow, every year I prepare a summary of the year and submit it to the members of the church. We call it a Pastors Report. It tells a lot about how I spend my time and what I do. Some of you may find it boring to read. No offense taken, trust me! Others of you may find it interesting to see where I focus my energy. Below is a shorter edition of my pastors report for 2007 that I recently distributed to the church. Happy reading...or not!

What I Do…Basically:

1. Faithfulness to Spiritual Disciplines
2. Caring for/shepherding people
3. Primary Communicator/Preaching
4. Lead Vision Casting/Goal Development/Strategic Planning
5. Lead Pastoral Team (Staff Meetings, development, etc.)
6. Plan Sunday Services
7. Provide care and support for each Staff Member
8. Maintain Personnel Policies
9. Shared preparation and leadership for Executive Board Meetings
10. Teach Discovery 101 (new members class)
11. Leadership support for many ministries of the church
12. Counseling
13. New Visitor Follow-up
14. Welcome New Members
15. Baptize New Believers
16. Foster church growth
17. Maintain church attendance records and numbers
18. Maintain Church Calendar
19. Maintain Preaching Calendar/Schedule
20. Speaking Engagements outside of CCF
21. Leadership for Annual Budget Process & Fundraising
22. Lead a Small Group
23. Involvement with the Mennonite Churches of Guyana & other missions
24. Marry, Bury, Dedicate, etc.
25. Special Event Planning
26. Prayer Emails
27. Attend Conferences, Trainings, Seminars, etc.
28. District & Conference Involvement
29. Maintain Local Networking Relationship
30. Maintain Mentor and Counselor Relationships (personal growth)
31. Continuing Education (Masters)
32. Electronic Infrastructure Creation, Organization and Maintenance
33. The Capital (with lots of help)
34. Electronic Road Sign
35. Staff Website Liaison

Ministry Highlights:

  • Salvations/Rededications
  • Baptizing 21 people into the faith!
  • Welcoming 72 new members into the fellowship! (over 100 people completed Discovery 101 in 2007)
  • People Growing and Being Discipled
  • Launch of Small Groups (Pastor Nelson’s Leadership)
  • Continued Growth in people & giving!
  • Ministry to our youth and children!
  • Africa Missions Trip
  • Youth New Orleans Missions Trip

Highlight Statistics:

  • CCF realized a 13% increase in average Sunday attendance in 2007. (averaging 360)
  • CCF experienced a 17.5% increase in general fund giving in 2007! (just under $9,000 a week)
  • CCF Currently has 253 Active Members.

Some stuff I enjoyed doing in 2007:

  • Spent more time at home (I think…ask Tricia)
  • Built and maintained connections with lots of great leaders, mentors and friends in ministry.
  • Started Blogging!
  • Preached 44 messages
  • Married 5 couple
  • Dedicated 8 babies
  • Took my second trip to Guyana
  • Went on a Vision Tour to China
  • Attended the Mennonite Delegate Assembly, San Jose CA

Master’s Degree Progress:

  • Completed Church & Clergy Legal Issues (3 Credits)
  • Completed Specialized Studies in Pastoral Counseling (3 Credits)

(Completing a Masters of Arts in Christian Ministries degree from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary taking classes at an extension campus in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. I am 4 classes and a project away from being done!!)