Clear Thinking

Here is a blog entry by Buddy Cremeans that I recently read that really got me thinking...thought it would be a good one to share:

Author David McCullough stated that the reason people love to read a good book is because writing requires clear thinking…it’s also the reason people don’t like to write.


McCullough said that Universities should require their students to write to express themselves. He said a person that can express themselves with the pen and on foot will be successful. After years of his notable career, McCullough still keeps a discipline of writing 4 typed pages a day! And I thought writing sermons and blogging was enough!

I’ve been challenged by McCullough’s comments. And maybe similarly that’s one of the reasons God called King David a man after His own heart. Why? Because, King David expressed himself clearly to God. David poured out everything…he didn’t hold anything back. David was refreshingly authentic before it was hip. David knew how to write and consequently he knew how to express himself.

I started journaling to God several years ago and blogging less than a year ago. I’m just curious, do you journal? Do you blog? How has it helped you to express yourself to God in ways beyond words?