Difficult Questions-- Week 3

This Sunday we conclude our Difficult Questions Series! We are really happy with how it's gone. Last Sunday's format worked noticeably better. You can CLICK HERE to listen to last Sunday's questions. Problem: We have 32 questions left and are only answering 12 more. Hence, we had to select from the pile. Here are the questions that we have chosen to answer this Sunday:
  1. I don’t feel connected to God anymore. What are ways that I can feel connected to God, restore intimacy, sense his spirit and be in His will? (combined 4 questions)
  2. How should Christians view or relate to the phrase "God and Country” and should they get involved in Politics?”
  3. “What things must 'Christians' divide over?”
  4. How do you walk in faith and forgiveness and respond to unjust treatment in a society that is steeped in individual rights, freedom, and judgment?
  5. Were Adam and Eve real people or were they symbolic of our first ancestors? How did they populate earth without their children mating w/ each other?
  6. Is the “Sinner’s Prayer” even Biblical?
  7. Is watching "bootleg" or illegally copyright material stealing?
  8. What’s up with all of these stories and places in the Bible that God employs and allows violence? Why is a loving God so violent?
  9. What defines 'fornication'? Is it only sexual intercourse or the thought of sexual intercourse, or is it sexual pleasure outside of marriage? (Listen online to Pastor Noah’s Sex and Stuff Series!)
  10. Is one sin worse than another? Is murder as bad as stealing a candy bar in God's eyes?
See you Sunday!