To iPad or not to iPad? That is the question!

After preaching from my iPad for the last 2 Sunday, I have fielded a few questions and emails about it and what I think of it. Today, I am coming out of the iPad closet. Now that I have been using it for a few weeks, I thought I would share a review (been asked to by several folks now).

WE got the iPad April 3rd, the day it was released. Yes, WE! It is the FAMILY iPad. Just ask Tricia. ;-) Saved for it and planned for it. I didn't want to announce it too quick, though, due to the difficulty that some people have with my personal purchases (will stop there and be a good boy).
I am a Pastor by day and an Apple fan and gadget dude by night! It's my hobby. I love it! Thrilled with my MacBook, love my iPhone. So, what is the deal with the iPad? Here is my review and answers to some of the most common questions I've heard so far:
Why would someone need an iPad if they have a smartphone or iPhone and/or a laptop?
They don't! They don't need one. All we need is Jesus. But you may want one for various reasons and it may make sense for you to get one (when you can afford it).
Here is where I think the iPad is better than a laptop:
  1. It is much smaller, lighter and more portable than a laptop (9.5 x 7.5 x 0.5 and 1.5 pounds). It's like carrying a medium sized note pad. It can fit in your purse, men.
  2. The battery lasts way longer than a laptop (10 hours+) You will almost never need to bring your charger.
  3. It has a FANTASTIC book reader called iBook. Words cannot express how cool this is. I am on my 3rd book since April 3rd. You can highlight your favorite parts. That sold me. And can you imagine buying a book and having it in your hands in 5 seconds? And can you imagine going to the coffee shop or on vacation carrying 20 books? iPad. Yup. That is the number one reason I bought it. I put off getting a Kindle because I knew that Apple had to come out with a book reader soon enough.
  4. It's an iPod. Play it in the car. Not so with a laptop.
  5. It is cheaper than most laptops (good ones, anyway). The iPad is $499 (16GB), $599 (32GB) and $699 (64GB).
Here is where the iPad is better than a smartphone/iPhone:
  1. Way larger screen making web surfing and usage much easier and faster. The size of the screen makes for a totally different user experience. Way less clumsy than the little phone.
  2. Tactile interaction. The way you hold it and use it is far different than a phone.
  3. Can totally view, create and update documents in a powerful Pages suite (totally Word compatible).
  4. Watching shows and movies is a far superior experience.
  5. Did I mention that it has a great book reader called iBook? ;-)
Could I get the iPad instead of a laptop? No. This does not have nearly enough internal storage space, cannot back up to itself (you need to be syncing to an iTunes library) and there are many larger projects that you will need a laptop or desktop for. However, I think that most people could get by with an iPad and the cheapest Desktop in town and be as happy as a peach.
Should I wait and get the 3G model? Yes, if you do NOT have 3G on your phone and want another monthly bill. If you have 3G on your hip, for heaven's sake, don't pay for it twice.
Now for the short version of why I love it and why you may want one:
  1. If you travel: The iPad is all you need on your trip unless you plan on doing large typing projects while you are away. I will leave the MacBook at home from now on. The iPad is the airplane dream.
  2. If you are a reader: The iPad will be your new best friend. A readers dream. The Kindle on crack.
  3. If you preach, teach or present: The iPad is great for this. I have preached from the iPad for the last 2 weeks and I will probably never go back to paper. For many reasons. I will get into that later.
  4. If you are a student: Look out, because I predict that this is where colleges and schools are headed. At least for the textbooks and iBook feature. Think of the money and paper that will be saved!
  5. If you don't have a Smartphone: Get an iPad instead. Keep your flip phone and your laptop/desktop. You will probably have better boundaries this way.
Hope you found this helpful. I have been asked these questions at every coffee shop I sit in, so now I can direct people to this post. Hope it helped!
Here are a few of my screenshots that I took today to show you....