Don’t Push It


We all like to get our way. We naturally think our ideas and plans are good ones and want to make them happen. That’s just normal. But there’s something I’ve observed in my own life that I thought might be helpful to share with you.

Most of the time when we have to push really hard to get our idea to happen, it’s probably not the right idea, the best plan or the right time.

You know what I’m talking about… You feel like you have to sell the concept. When people offer what feels like oppositional feedback, there is an inner feeling of defensiveness that leads you to begin pushing and explaining why this thing really should happen. When we have to sell it, and spin it and push it, it should immediately throw up a yellow flag in our soul.

Wisdom is a really beautiful gift. She flows into our hearts and minds through the many streams around us. When we fight against the current, it’s tiring and probably a sign that we should stop and rest. A better idea or better timing is up ahead.

Don’t just barrel forward with your great idea when wisdom is whispering to you. There are a million good ideas out there and you’ll get another one soon enough. And perhaps that will be the one that goes flowing down the river with the wind at your back and people standing on the banks cheering you on. Listen to the voices around you.

I’ve pushed too many things in my life that I shouldn’t have. And as a “salesman” by nature, I’ve maneuvered into plenty of things I probably shouldn’t have. Trying to grow here. Let’s go with the flow of favor.

Don’t push it.