Learning from addicts

Lately I have been thinking a lot about authenticity. It’s what you do when you are launching a leadership network with that focus. As one who values REAL, I love to find it on display in others. 

I spent this past weekend at a ministry in Kentucky restoring addicts…men who have just come off the street, out of jail, off of cocaine, etc. It has been a long time since I have been so refreshed! What a blast to be among real people, with real problems who really admit them. When everything is out in the open, there is nothing to hide. When you have done the worst, everything under that is fair game. When your offenses are in the public, you no longer need to hide in private. 

I think us holy Christians have a LOT to learn from addicts. We have been so good at creating rules, doctrines, lines and boxes that we can easily become professional hiders. The rules we make and enforce naturally create fear for what happens when we break them. We are prone to put so much energy into maintaining our (fake) perfections that we don’t talk freely about our (real) imperfections. We don’t want to be kicked out. None of us like being excluded. 

An atmosphere of grace and a room full of addicts turning to Jesus is a sure recipe for authenticity if I’ve ever seen one.