Fast Obedience

Recently, I have been thinking vividly about what obeying God looks like. While I know that we have missed the mark many times, these last few months have been a season of practicing reckless obedience. I want to share one lesson we have recently learned.

When God speaks, obey Him fast!
Do not delay. Do not wait. Don't weigh out every "what if" and "what could be". Don't ask for too many opinions. If you are confident that the Lord is speaking, OBEY! Make your move. Because the longer you wait, the higher the chances become that you will talk yourself out of it. Fast moving is often frowned upon as unwise. When it comes to obeying God, I don't think there is any such thing as moving too fast.
I will make this personal: If we had waited until later this year to move out of our house, I have a hunch we may have talked ourselves out of obeying God's call to South Africa. There are some days that the pain and the loss feels like more than we can take. But, we obeyed already. We took the plunge! There is no turning back. God said it and we did it. And that first act of obedience (leaving our home) was the first step in the process toward total surrender. No turning back...and we are thrilled for that!
If God is calling you to do something, can I encourage you to DO IT! Obey fast.
"We will serve the Lord our God and we will obey His voice!" Joshua 24:24