Surprise 30th Party

We just returned home from being with some wonderful, wonderful people whom we love very much!! Tricia turned 30 in March and I am turning 30 in June. This afternoon, about 50-75 family and friends SURPRISED Tricia and I with a SURPRISE combined 30th B-Day party. They rented a pavilion at Watkins Park and had a beautiful spread of food. We were so surprised at some of the people present (from 5 states). We felt extremely honored and loved today. It is remarkable how good the Lord has been to us. I wish I could bottle the feeling of support that we felt today....there will be some times in the next several years where we will want to open it up and take some. ;-)

Thankful for this day,
Noah and Tricia
PS- Special shout out to my family (parents and siblings) who made this happen. You all are dear to us.