Glad We Don't Know What's Next!

Yesterday, I was eating dinner with a leader that I have high respect for. This was a leader with a global heart and years of missions experience. We were at the table with others and I was asked this question...a question that we have been asked countless times:

"What are you doing after South Africa? When will you be back?"

The answer: We DO NOT KNOW! We will do whatever God says and go wherever he calls.

We both believe that...I think. But it is not easy. There are a million and one reasons why our controlling selves would like to know what is next and where all of this is headed, but we honestly don't know. All we know is that we have been called to leave where we are and move to Cape Town, South Africa to love people and plant churches. That needs to be enough for now.

Back to this leader and our conversation...when he listened to this conversation, he responded with a powerful insight that really connected into us. He said:

If you knew what was coming after you go to Cape Town, it would significantly decrease, dilute and maybe pollute the impact of this calling because you would be making all of your decisions through the lens of what you know is next instead of through faith in Christ for the unknown that lies ahead.

WOW!! Powerful As it stands, we are wide open. There's nothing on the calendar for 2013 and beyond. And I think God wants it that way!