Insecurity and Jesus...

So many of us struggle with insecurity. Some of us are impacted and even controlled by what others think of us. It is so sad and oftentimes decreases our abilities and capabilities--especially for God.

But you know, Jesus had a very STRONG sense of SELF.

He KNEW that he was loved unconditionally by the Father (Mark 1:11).

He KNEW what he believed--and because of this he was able to communicate and walk with authority and security, not insecurity (Mark 1:22)!

His call and mission were sure. Because of that, he could confront the powers of darkness head on (Mark 2:17 & Luke 6:26).

He knew who HE was (Mark 14 & John 13).

Jesus knew who he was and where he had come from. He did not need to meet others expectations of him and he had no fear of what persons thought of him. Therefore, he could be a non anxious presence in tense situations and he could respond rather than react to conflict.

How might you work at being more like Jesus in this way?