God is Calling and We are Going!

Tricia and I have been waiting for this day for several months...the day when we could freely share with you some huge things that God is doing in our lives! God has been up to some major things in our family throughout the last year. For quite some time now, we have sensed the Lord calling us into the next season of our life and ministry. This morning, the news was shared with our church.

In January 2011, our family will be relocating to Cape Town, South Africa! Yes, you read that right. Eastern Mennonite Missions (our church's mission sending organization) has invited us to be sent to link into a growing church-planting network called All Nations. You may remember Floyd McClung who spoke at CCF on January 31, 2010 (a snowy Sunday). Floyd and his wife Sally lead All Nations. All Nations is a family of communities, working together across the globe, partnering with the Holy Spirit to plant churches in homes, businesses or anywhere Jesus is not worshipped. All Nations desires to not only plant churches, but to initiate church-planting movements (video below). You can check out their website HERE.

The goal of this sending is that we will serve as a collaborative bridge between All Nations and Eastern Mennonite Missions—learning from one another about effective ways of transforming people for Christ. We will participate, learn, and communicate back to our network (Eastern Mennonite Missions, Lancaster Conference, Baltimore/Washington District, and CCF) about new ways of being and doing church.

Currently the plan is to spend six months in an intensive church-planting training called Church Planting Experience (CPx). Then we will reside in Cape Town for one to two years ministering to some of the poorest and most neglected an unreached of the city. Tricia is especially excited about the ways that we will be working with, rescuing, and caring for sick and abandoned children.

Serving and leading at Capital Christian Fellowship for the last six years has been an outstanding privilege and one of the greatest joys of our life. CCF will always hold a special place in our hearts. If we had it our way, we envisioned spending many years leading here. However, the Lord has a different plan for now…a call that has been revealed, strengthened, and one that we must obey.

It is one thing to talk about “living as Disciples,” it is another to do it. We hope that this transition will inspire many of you to new levels of possibility and faith. Over the last few years (more intensely in the last six months), God has strengthened and crystallized a call on our lives to rethink and imagine church in new and creative ways. Although the future is unclear, there is a strong and evident call into new territory and new vision for God’s Kingdom.

We will be both remain connected, invested and on Staff at CCF until the latter part of this year. We will be sharing lots more throughout this week. Stay tuned.

Standing together with Christ,

Noah, Tricia and Davis Kaye